Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Continued Journey Now Made Visible

A blog seemed like the perfect thing that would allow everyone the ability to experience glimpses of my journey through the world of writing and to learn of my developing stories and newest releases. Please join me on this journey as I begin by wrapping up my first novel, Imperfectly Perfect Love, in its paperback edition and move forward by delving into developing the story of Emily Faith Johnson in Serene Courage, the second book in the Surrendered Hearts series. I pray that this journey and all of my novels will encourage you in your walk with the Lord.

One would think that releasing a book in paperback would be simple, but so far for me, it has been a challenge. There were numerous issues with uploading the cover image so that the entire image was visible; then once the printed proof arrived, the cover image was too dark. Thankfully, because of the delay, I had the opportunity to re-read the entire novel and re-edit for any previous missed errors. Yesterday, I ordered the second printed proof, and it should arrive toward the end of this coming week. I am hopeful that it will be perfect so I can finally place the first order for the actual book. I would like to extend a special thank you to all those who have shown interest in purchasing my first book, Imperfectly Perfect Love, and have been patient as I work through all the obstacles in order for the book to be as perfect as possible. This entire process from writing the first few paragraphs to uploading the eBooks to designing the paperback book has been a definite learning experience and a process that the Lord has used to teach me patience. I am thankful to the Lord first and foremost for His faithfulness and to my family and friends for their support.
Monday, September 15, 2014, I plan to officially begin work on Serene Courage. I had previously written eleven chapters while waiting on the beta readers to complete Imperfectly Perfect Love. I have since decided to rework a few of those chapters before continuing the story. I have had several readers to tell me that they can't wait for this second novel because of the glimpse they received from the excerpt at the end of Imperfectly Perfect Love. I promise, in the continuation of this series, you will be seeing more of the characters you loved in the first novel. I have to admit that when I began writing Imperfectly Perfect Love I had no strong connection with Peter, and in fact, he was going to be a character who rarely appeared throughout the story. After the first chapter, I knew that he would be an intrinsic part of Maggie's life and the entire story. His walk with the Lord not only convicted me but also made me remember how love and faith are definite components in being lights in this dark world. There are many characters throughout the first book that I loved, but I have to say that Peter was my favorite.  

Maggie Grace Veck is a spirited, thirty-six-year-old woman whose seemingly perfect life will be put to the test when unforeseen circumstances begin to arise, causing her to question not only her choices and direction but her faith. No matter how uncertain life may become, she can always depend upon the steadfast encouragement of her lifelong friend, Peter McKnight, and the quick wit of her quirky best friend, Lara Hinton. Even though she is married to her college sweetheart and first love, Travis Veck, she finds herself feeling lonely and forgotten because of his incessantly demanding career as a high-powered attorney for a prominent law firm in south Florida. Their nice home, in an elite neighborhood, and the fast-paced bustle of city life are no match for her heart's desire to return to her deep southern roots in Sunnyville, Alabama. Will she learn to rise above her circumstances and surrender her heart so she can fully grasp the essence of imperfect yet perfect love in order to become the person she was called to be?