Monday, October 13, 2014

Important Decisions

Speaking with an acquisitions director of a publishing company who is interested in your story for publication can be somewhat flattering and exciting but, at the same time, rather stressful. Numerous questions plague your mind: is she being completely honest about the terms of the contract, is this a legit company, is the contract worded in a way so there are hidden meanings behind the agreement, are there better options out there, should I wait until my writing is more seasoned to sign with a company in order to get a better offer, and should I alter course so soon? I read the contract twice that she had sent, compared the contract and her promises to their website, researched what is normal between an author and a publishing company, compared it to other options that may be available when my writing is a little more seasoned, discussed all the angles with my husband, and most importantly prayed. I am pleased to announce that I will continue my present course as is. The Lord has given me perfect peace regarding not signing a publishing contract at this time. Who knows what the future may hold or what opportunities may one day be available, but for now, I am happy to be simply working on my own with the tools the Lord has provided. I will continually be grateful to my talented cover designer whose efforts create an appealing first impression and to the various beta readers who give their invaluable input, all sharing in the process of making my book better than it ever could have been if my eyes alone were viewing it. I am also thankful for you, the readers, who took a chance on a new author’s first book and those who remain supportive as I continue this journey.

So much has transpired over the past week and weekend that I’ve decided to take a break from writing. I have some things to contemplate and maybe even reevaluate, not in relation to the current book and its storyline but regarding my writing and the pursuit of my dream in general. Writing can be time consuming and draining both emotional and mentally. I have a family and a limited amount of free time for writing so I want to continually put my dream into perspective and focus on the here and now, the things that matter to the ones who love me most. When the task of writing, the opinions of others whether good or bad, the overhead versus the profit all cloud my mind, it becomes all consuming and overwhelming, especially when I’m a person prone to continually analyzing everything from every possible angle. So for now, for my sanity and my loved ones, I’m taking a step back, focusing solely on my family, and clearing my brain of all the things writing entails. The middle of chapter eight in Serene Courage is where I left off and will be exactly where I pick up when the time is right.

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